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General information 

For your information, UPEACE has a housing agreement with some property owners located in Ciudad Colón, El rodeo, San Bosco, Brasil de Mora and surrounding areas by providing accommodation to UPEACE students and all of them meet housing requirement for student’s purposes at UPEACE.  

UPEACE does not offer on-campus residences.  However, you may find options including family stays, single studios, one-three shared bedroom apartments, houses, etc.  most options fully furnished/ equipped for student purposes.  The prices go from $300USD to $1200 USD, depending on the type of facility, location, dimensions, and amenities.  In Costa Rica, most rent contract and agreements require a deposit, however UPEACE have arranged with property owners, so that the security deposit can be paid from the second month and not from the first month as it is usually requested. The first month’s rent will be considered as a trial month (mandatory payment), and the student will only have to pay the first month’s rent upon arrival. During the first month (trial month), the student will have to decide whether to stay longer or to move to another place starting the second month. Whatever decision the student has made, in the second month a contract must be signed and the corresponding payment of the second month’s rent plus the security deposit must be made together. The trial month is only valid for the first month. After the second month students must comply with the terms of their contract. 

All UPEACE facilities on the website are furnished, most of them include Internet service and utilities (electricity and water) in the monthly rent price or for an additional fee. Additionally, some of them offer meals, laundry and cleaning service included in the price or could be negotiable. Considering all the above, you will be able to choose the facility that best suits your preferences during your Academic Year. 






Type of facilities and rates: 


  • Bedroom in a homestay: Students will have the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican host family learning more about the culture, food and language. The student will have his/her own room and privacy in order to study and get some rest time. Costs may vary depending on the type of room (size, shared or own bath, additional services, etc.) and amenities offered by the hosts. In most cases, rent includes 2 meals (Monday through Friday) and 2 or 3 meals (weekends), as well as laundry and room cleaning once a week. Costs are $400 USD and up per month. There might be a few options that do not offer meals with prices from $300 USD 
  • 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments / studios: All apartments/studios are fully furnished and equipped with the basic appliances so that students can live independently. These vary in cost, depending on the size, location and amenities offered. Usually rent includes utilities and internet service. Students are responsible for communicating with the owner and keeping the facility in proper order. Costs are between $350 – $900 USD per month. 
  • 3-4-bedroom houses: Students may be able to choose a house and share the place and rent with other students. These facilities are fully furnished, and basic appliances, bedding and kitchen utensils are provided for students to live independently. Students are responsible for communicating with the owner and keeping the facility in proper order. Costs are between $900 – $1,200 USD per month. 


For your information, the accommodation availability strictly depends on homeowners’ facility offer, therefore, it is recommended that you do not limit your choice to one type of facility (such: family homestay, studios, apartments, and houses), this considering the limited or reduced availability at the time of your booking. Therefore, you are advised to have a backup plan “B” and “C” in case it is necessary to change your housing options. 

For budget planning purposes, housing options start at $300 USD per month and increase depending on dimension, location, amenities desired and/or special requirements. Students are told to anticipate spending between $700 and $1,000 USD/month for living expenses (housing, food, incidentals, etc.). The specifics depend on the individual student’s living standards.  Having access to additional funds in the event of a person’s emergency or unexpected expense is also recommended. 

And finally, before booking any facility remember to carefully review all the information previously provided by the UPEACE housing assistant as it will be very important for you to know how the housing service works in Costa Rica and thus avoid inconveniences or uncomfortable situations which could be properly managed if you know more about the local housing guidelines and policies.